My lodging in Bonn is or was absolutely necessary for occupational reasons.
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In accordance with § 2 of the rules on levying a lodging tax by the Federal City of Bonn, private expenditure on the option of lodging in return for payment in the Federal City of Bonn is subject to the lodging tax. Lodgings are exempt from taxation if they are required for urgent occupational reasons. This is the case among other things if exercising the occupational activity is not possible without the lodging in return for payment and this would mean it would not be possible to earn an income. The Cashier's and Tax Office of the Federal City of Bonn is entitled in accordance with the rules and German Tax Code to request evidence for all the information provided.  

The submission of this confirmation to the lodging provider/hotel is voluntary and is used exclusively to determine tax liability. The data collected will be transmitted on request to the Cashier's and Tax Office of the Federal City of Bonn, which retains the right to check the information provided.

If this action is not agreed to, the lodging tax will be levied in principle. However, there is the option of applying for a retrospective refund of the lodging tax retained on submission of the expenditure incurred for the overnight accommodation for occupational purposes to the Cashier's and Tax Office of the Federal City of Bonn, Berliner Platz 2, 53111 Bonn. In this case the evidence on the overnight accommodation arranged for professional reasons is to be     provided no later than the end of the next quarter but one, by claiming the lodging payment from the Cashier's and Tax Office. Please note that a refund will be given only if the micro-payment limit of EUR 10.00 is exceeded.

You can find more information at under the search term "Lodging tax" as well as on our hotline 0228 - 77 23 70.

Declaration on lodgings arranged for occupational reasons
You can also find information about data protection in the Cashier?s and Tax Office at under the search term ?Kassen- und Steueramt?.